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spectrum cable company – New York’s Public Service Commission is drafting further fines and sanctions on Charter Communications, likewise as presumably baring the company’s ability to continue providing cable service in big apple State.

Spectrum Cable Company -	Spectrum Cable Company Locations - Spectrum Cable Company Columbus Ohio

PSC Chair John Rhodes on weekday defendant Charter, that offers service underneath the Spectrum whole, of “gaslighting its own customers,” with false claims it exceeded its obligations to big apple State, whereas truly shortchanging customers and dragging its feet on secure service growth.

“Not solely has the corporate didn’t meet its obligations to make out its cable television pro re nata, it continues to create apparently false and dishonestclaims to customers that it’s met those obligations while not in any approach acknowledging the findings of the general public Service Commission to the contrary,” same Chair Rhodes.

“Our patience with Charter has return to AN finish and currently we tend to should move to require abundant stronger actions.”The PSC is presently developing variety of social control actions, as well as further penalties/fines, injunctive relief, sanctions, and/or revocation of Spectrum’s ability to continue giving cable service in big apple State.Rhodes’ complaints for the most part specialize in Charter’s

current failure to conceive to the State’s 2016 Merger Order that approved Charter’s acquisition of your time Warner Cable as long as Charter completed service enhancements, rural broadband growth, and reduced client complaints.

Rhodes is especially upset that Charter has didn’t meet its rural broadband obligations on a timely basis, feat several of the one hundred forty five,000 unserved and underserved homes and businesses secure Spectrum web service waiting through prolonged delays.

That may return as a surprise to several Spectrum subscribers in big apple, World Health Organization have seen saturation advertising for many months from Charter promoting its broad rural broadband growth program and also the company’s claims it’s prior to schedule.

The PSC antecedently ordered Charter to stop “its dishonestcampaign” and has referred the pertain the big apple professional General’s workplace for potential action.

spectrum cable company – As of in the week, the advertisements still air.Charter has denied the allegations created by the state’s regulators and notified the PSC it intends to hunt review and/or bring legal proceeding against the state.

it’s an oversized company with Associate in Nursing calculable twenty five million customers in forty one states, per news stories regarding the merger. Among those innumerable customers ar a minimum of some million households in big apple town, as well as our own.Here at the small level, we’ve got been wedged by this merger within the following ways in which, as way as I will verify. First, we tend to appear to own lost a handful of cable channels that I might have sworn we tend to accustomed have, as well as Viceland, DIY and a few others. 

spectrum cable company – i am pretty positive we tend to had DIY. It’s potential we tend to ne’er had Viceland. WHO keeps track of such things?So now, once we graze down the lineup within the mid-100s or thereabouts (between channels 101-199), we tend to encounter black holes we tend to had ne’er seen before.

To my data, no effort was created to tell USA that some networks would be born from our set up. or even there was a trial, however it absolutely was buried within the monthly bill envelope on the written material that one continuously throws away instantly while not reading. Not amazingly,

the value we tend to pay has remained identical.And second, whereas the corporate name on the monthly envelope has modified to Spectrum, we tend to ar still creating out our checks to Time Warner Cable, unfinished directions to try and do otherwise on a future bill.

That’s regarding the dimensions of it. And yet, the commercials for Spectrum keep telling American state that some form of new day has dawned, currently that point Warner has become Spectrum.

“It’s a brand new day, the beginning of one thing massive …,” says a number of the copy on these commercials. That may be true within the fantasy land represented within the commercials (the screen grab on top of, showing a contented Spectrum worker in an exceedingly company automobile parking space, was made up of one in every of them).

As you may expect, the commercials show happy Spectrum repair personnel incoming at customers’ homes on time and with smiles on their faces. The commercials conjointly show families and people enjoying varied transmission, multi-device experiences in their homes, due to Spectrum.

Meanwhile, here within the world, it’s simply TV, telephones and net service to USA. These services ar a part of our lives, however they’re not the most important half, nor the foremost necessary.

Sometimes these services work well, and at different times they are doing not work furthermore as we expect they must. that’s business as was common. In short, no new day has dawned around here.

spectrum cable company – In fact, the guarantees created by Spectrum — regarding, among different things, net speeds — have come back vulnerable. In February,

spectrum cable company the big apple state’s attorneyr|prosecuting attorney} general’s office filed suit against Spectrum/Time Warner “for allegedly conducting a deliberate theme to cheat and mislead New Yorkers by promising net service that they knew they might not deliver.” you’ll scan all regarding it here.