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energy penny stocks  – When we think about penny stocks, our minds drop off to dreams of virtually paying pennies for a stock that’s eventually price many bucks.

However, a lot of usually than not a stock commerce for pennies is nothing over a shell that generally goes to zero. 

it’s why investors ought to avoid true penny stocks in the least prices. However, investors do still have some “penny stock” like choices if they’re willing to try and do some Dumpster diving.

What area unit penny stocks?A unlisted stock, in keeping with the Securities and Exchange Commission, is any stock that trades underneath $5 per share.

Further, these stocks area unit usually unlisted on a national exchange like the N. Y. Stock Exchange and have a tendency to possess ultra-low market capitalization of but $200 million. 

it’s the shortage of oversight and small market caps that usually enable scammers to control penny stocks and build cash off of your dime.

That is why investors want 1st to seem past the stock value and instead think about the underlying business by ensuring the corporate has viable operations and real prospects to form wealth.

Otherwise, associate degree capitalist runs the danger of shopping for a ticker that somebody else will manipulate for his or her own gain. 

thereupon in mind, it’s an honest general rule of thumb to avoid stocks that do not trade on national exchanges and have market caps below $200 million — as a result of these stocks area unit far more vulnerable to manipulation.

That caveat aside, there’ll continually be a draw to speculate in stocks with “penny stock” costs as we have a tendency to dream of turning those pennies into bucks. However, ought to associate degree capitalist 

prefer to speculate therein means, it ought to a minimum of be intelligent speculation during a company whose stock has been overwhelmed down, energy penny stocks however encompasses a chance at a rebound. Further, associate degree capitalist mustn’t speculate with cash that they can’t afford to lose.

For those searching for associate degree intelligent place to invest, the energy sector may be a smart place to begin as a result of it’s many corporations commerce at “penny stock” costs.

A concoction of bally oil costs mixed with debt decimated several of those stocks. Below, I even have chosen 5 severely overwhelmed down energy stocks with low single-digit stock costs that might rally sharply if oil costs obtain over subsequent year.

However, a warning: whereas these beaten-down energy “penny stocks” might soar, every comes with an additional serving to of risk that might obliterate the investment. vended look out.

That said, the important weight inflicting Expo Resources’ collapse is that the proven fact that its debt level is unsustainable at lower artifact costs. thereto finish, the driller is functioning to scale back its debt level and entered into many debt exchanges, that cut its total outstanding borrowings and extended its maturities. 

whereas it still has a lot of work to try and do, Expo Resources’ stock might reverse course and head higher if we have a tendency to get a significant rally within the oil value.

If there is one continual theme on this list, it’s that falling oil costs crushed the stock value of energy corporations that had an excessive amount of debt. that’s definitely the case at Chesapeake Energy, that saw its stock value tumble seventieth over the last 3 years.

The offender here is that the company’s huge debt, that pushed it close to the brink of bankruptcy:However, Chesapeake has worked arduous to unravel this discouraging drawback with debt exchanges and plus sales.

If it will still cut back and extend its debt with success, and artifact costs rebound sharply, then this stock might rocket higher.Redrill may be a little bit of associate degree oddity on this list as a result of it is the solely company that does not turn out oil and gas.

Instead, it makes cash by leasing offshore drilling rigs to exploration and production corporations. the matter with this can be that oil corporations have considerably force back investments in offshore development.

energy penny stocks – This shift caused a steep call in the day rates that corporations like Redrill will charge for leasing these rigs, that has reduced the worth of its rigs. This decline is worrisome as a result of Redrill encompasses a fragile record. However, if oil and gas activity improves, it ought to improve Redrill’s prospects and its low-single-digit stock value.